Collection AbbreviationI-Bologna: Accad. Fil.
Accession599 (Puglisi 10; Tiella 7)
Maker AbbreviationRafi
Lowest Noted'++
Year Made
Material Bodyplum
Material Mounts
Material Keys
NotesStamped C.·.RAFI / shield with griffin. Sounding length (not original) 497.5 mm. This instrument has been shortened at the foot by ca 25 mm. Damaged by woodworm. Said to work with Jambe de Fer fingerings.

Lowest note and performance pitch from Brown (2005b). Haynes (2002) gives nominal pitch as c' and performing pitch as A=456 Hz. Tiella (2005: 132) gives pitch of ca A = 462 Hz.

For critical measurements, photo & other details see Adrian Brown's Renaissance Recorders Database; Brown (2005b: 536); Tiella (2005: 132).