Collection AbbreviationI-Bologna: Accad. Fil.
Accession601 (Puglisi 11; Tiella Bs4)
Maker AbbreviationRafi
Lowest Noteg+
Year Made
Material Bodyplum
Material Mounts
Material Keys
NotesStamped C.·.RAFI / shield & griffin. Sounding length 775 mm. Said to work with Jambe de Fer fingerings. A roughly cut groove has been added parallel to the windway slit-opening in order to make the positioning of the lip on the top of the recorder more comfortable. Split from top to window.

Lowest note and performance pitch from Brown (2005b). Tiella (2005) gives the performance pitch as ca A=425 Hz.

For critical measurements & other details see Adrian Brown's Renaissance Recorders Database; Brown (2005b: 536).

Tiella (2004: 9 & 2005: 134), gives this instrument the inventory number 602, in error!