Collection AbbreviationD-Frankfurt: M: Hist. Mus.
AccessionX 4260 (121)
Maker AbbreviationSchrattenbach
Lowest Notec''+
Sizesoprano (columnar)
Year Made
Material Bodymaple
Material Mountsbrass
Material Keys
NotesStamped with a double trefoil & thus probaby by a member of the Schrattenbach family. Columnar recorder (lowest finger-hole gives the bottom note). The plinth & windcap are missing, replaced by a later bell & cap. Keywork & covers not original. Sounding length 269.5 mm.

For critical measurements & other details see Andrew Brown's Renaissance Recorders Database; Brown (2005b: 534).

Postel (1974) considers the Saeulenblockfloete Frankfurt 4260. He cites the well-known passage about the Oosters Huys by Burney (p. 146) and comes to the conclusion that this instrument and those in Paris were the instruments from Antwerp mentioned by Burney (p. 150).