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Collection Abbreviation
Maker Abbreviation
Lowest Note
GB-London: Horniman 14.5.47/319 Stanesby Sr f' alto 410 View
USA-DC-Washington: DCM DCM 1214 Stanesby Sr d'' soprano (sixth flute) 410 View
GB-Warwick M14 Bressan, Stanesby Sr f alto   View
GB-Warwick M15 Stanesby Sr   alto   View
GB-Warwick M16 Stanesby Sr f basset 405 View
NL-Amsterdam: Brüggen VIII Stanesby Sr f' alto 403 View
GB-London: Horniman M40-1982 Stanesby Sr f' alto 411 View
GB-Ilford: Halfpenny   Stanesby Sr   alto   View
GB-London: Liebrecht   Stanesby Sr, Harris   alto   View
xD-Berlin 2806 Stanesby Sr   alto   View
CH-Geneva: Piguet   Stanesby Sr f' alto 404 View
ex GB-Upper Bourne End: Lefkovitch Sothebys Sale LO8251, Lot 149 (7 October 2008) Stanesby Sr d' voice flute   View
NZ-Wellington: Castle   Stanesby Sr c' tenor 409 View
Sotheby's (London) Sale L05253, Lot 386, 8 November 2005 Stanesby Sr & Harris f' alto   View
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