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Collection Abbreviation
Maker Abbreviation
Lowest Note
CH-Basel: Hist. Mus. 1956/632 Schell f' alto 415 View
USA-DC-Washington: DCM DCM 0658 (S.21) Schell f' alto 404 View
USA-SD-Vermillion: National Music Museum 4826 ?Schell bb' fourth flute (soprano in Bb) 402 View
D-Quedlinburg   ? Schell e' tenor 440 View
D-Quedlinburg   ? Schell e' tenor 440 View
D-Quedlinburg   ? Schell a basset 440 View
D-Bavaria: anonymous   Oberlender I, H. Schell f alto   View
A-Linz: Schlossmus W.152, Mu 7 Schell f' alto 394 View
GB-London: Oldham   Schell f' alto 405 View
A-Salzburg: Mozarteum   Schell   alto   View
CH-Geneva: Mus. Instr. 114 Schell f alto   View
A-Innsbruck: Mus Ferdinadeum 2.85 Schell f alto   View
I-Bologna: Museo 1769 Schell g' alto 385 View
D-Bavaria: anonymous   Schell, Oberlender I f' alto   View
F-Paris E.193 (C.400) Schell a' alto 401 View
D-Munich: Deutsches Mus. 10197 Schell f' alto   View
A-Innsbruck: Mus Ferdinadeum   Schell c' tenor 405 View
I-Rome: Museo dSM 2203 & 883 Schell   tenor   View
A-Linz: Schlossmus 159, Mu 10 Schell f basset 406 View
A-Linz: Schlossmus W.160, Mu 11 Schell f basset 408 View
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