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Collection Abbreviation
Maker Abbreviation
Lowest Note
I-Bologna: Accad. Fil. 599 (Puglisi 10; Tiella 7) Rafi d'++ tenor 440 View
I-Bologna: Accad. Fil. 601 (Puglisi 11; Tiella Bs4) Rafi g+ basset 440 View
D-Eisenach: Bachhaus 1-100 Rafi b basset 440 View
B-Bruges: Gruuthuse M37 Rafi a basset 440 View
B-Brussels M 2646 Rafi a basset 440 View
B-Brussels 2647 Rafi d bass 440 View
F-La Couture-Boussey: Museé 2 Unknown, after Rafi c'' soprano   View
D-Sigmaringen: Schloss 318 Rafi a+ basset 440 View
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