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Collection Abbreviation
Maker Abbreviation
Lowest Note
D-Nuremberg GNM MIR 201 Oberlender I f alto 415 View
USA-NY-New York: MMA 89.4.2208 Oberlender I g' alto 387 View
F-Paris E.98 (C.390) Oberlender I f' alto   View
GB-London: RCM 96 Oberlender I f' alto   View
NL-Hague Ea 277-1933 Oberlender I f'' sopranino 422 View
I-Rome: Museo dSM 2211 Oberlender I f alto   View
A-Vienna: GdM 110 Oberlender I g' alto 390 View
F-Paris E192 (C398) Oberlender II f' alto   View
F-Paris E.373 (C397) Oberlender I g' alto 387 View
F-Paris E.980.2.81 Oberlender I f' alto 410 View
F-Paris E.980.2.76 Oberlender I f' alto 430 View
NL-Hague 193300276 (formerly Ea 276-1933) Oberlender I f' alto 422 View
DK-Copenhagen: Musikhist. Mus. 418 Oberlender I g' alto 410 View
DK-Copenhagen: Musikhist. Mus. E.101 Oberlender I f' alto   View
D-Munich: Stadtmus. BNM Mu 162 Oberlender I f' alto 475 View
D-Bonn: Beethovenhaus 11 Oberlender I f' alto 466 View
D-Bavaria: anonymous   Oberlender I, H. Schell f alto   View
D-Leipzig 1123 Oberlender I f' alto 418 View
D-Leipzig 1131 Oberlender I f' alto 395 View
xD-Berlin 2788 Oberlender I f# alto   View
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