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Collection Abbreviation
Maker Abbreviation
Lowest Note
D-Munich: Stadtmus. 41-397 Koch f     View
xD-Leipzig 1172 Koch   czakan   View
D-Berlin 2829 Koch a     View
D-Leipzig 3246 Koch ab     View
USA-Claremont: Fiske W1 W Koch   soprano   View
USA-Claremont: Fiske W2 W Koch   soprano   View
USA-Claremont: Fiske W5 W Koch   alto   View
USA-Claremont: Fiske W7 W Koch   tenor   View
F-Paris E.2339 Vacano & Koch   alto   View
USA-PA-Philadelphia: Vintage Instruments   S Koch       View
GB-London: RAM 2012.451 Koch c' tenor 440 View
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