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Collection Abbreviation
Maker Abbreviation
Lowest Note
D-Munich: Deutsches Mus. 63053 JC Denner, L Hotteterre g' alto   View
Russia-St. Petersburg 405 Hotteterre   tenor   View
F-Paris E.979.2.8 M Hotteterre g' alto 395 View
F-Paris E.590 (C.402) M Hotteterre c' tenor 401 View
F-Paris E.589 (C.413) M Hotteterre f basset 399 View
GB-London: RCM 88 Unknown, ? Hotteterre   tenor   View
D-Berlin   Hotteterre f   392 View
F-Paris E.979.2.9 M Hotteterre c' tenor 401 View
NL-Amsterdam: Brüggen   M Hotteterre c' tenor 403 View
USA-DC-Washington: DCM 326 (S.18) L Hotteterre f' alto 390 View
D-Nordenham: Ritz   L Hotteterre f' alto   View
J-Hamamatsu: Museum A-00015R N Hotteterre f' alto 390 View
F-Blois: ex Petit   N Hotteterre c' tenor   View
J-Tokyo: Iino   N Hotteterre f basset 398 View
F-Paris E.979.2.10 N Hotteterre f basset 404 View
F-La Couture-Boussey: Museé 6 Unknown, after Hotteterre c' tenor   View
F-Paris E.995.16.1 Hotteterre   alto   View
F-Paris E.980.2.527 Hotteterre (formerly attributed to Karis) f' basset 456 View
I: Paolo Faeti   L Hotteterre   alto   View
F-Paris (ex Chambure)   Hotteterre f' alto 415 View
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