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Collection Abbreviation
Maker Abbreviation
Lowest Note
NL-Amsterdam: City Mus.   Beukers c'' soprano   View
Unknown   Beukers d' voice flute 420 View
D-Berlin 2792 Beukers eb' alto   View
NL-Hague 1933-0278 (formerly Ea 278-1933) Beukers c'' soprano 412 View
NL-Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum (Collection Boers) BK-NM-11430-87 Beukers c'' soprano 395 View
NL-Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum (Collection Boers) BK-NM-11430-96 Beukers f' alto 411 View
USA-DC-Washington: DCM DM 1257/5 Beukers d'' soprano (sixth flute) 424 View
USA-MA-Boston: private coll.   Beukers, Boekhout   alto   View
NL-Blaricum: Ferguson   Beukers   basset   View
NL-Utrecht: private coll.   Beukers d' voice flute 430 View
USA: Private Collection   Beukers c'' soprano 400 View
NL-Laren: private coll.   Beukers f' alto 400 View
NL-Driebergen: private coll.   Beukers d' voice flute   View
B-Brussels 1997.020 BeukersW   alto   View
NL-Schoonebeek: Private Collection   Beukers f' alto   View
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