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Maker Conrad Mollenhauer GmbH
Country Germany
Address 1 Weichselstraße 27, 36043 Fulda
Address 2
Telephone +49 (0661) 9467-0
Fax +49 (0661) 9467-36
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Products include:
- Swing, all plastic recorder with specially designed headjoint.
- Prima, school recorder with wooden body and plastic headjoint (as for Swing) in waterblue, red and sand colours
- Student, wooden school recorder
- Chorus, standard range from sopranino to great-bass
- Denner, modern recorders in baroque style, different woods
- Denner / Morgan Edition recorders in baroque style, various woods.
- Dream, transitional style recorder of simple external design, in collaboration with Adriana Breukink; soprano model in plastic or natural wood, stained blue or red with painted mounts; alto model in natural wood or ebony only; tenor in natural wood only.
- Maarten Helder, contemporary alto & tenor recorders.
- Kynsecker, renaissance recorders (garklein to greatabass)
- Ganassi (alto in g')
- Baroque, generic instruments after an original alto recorder by Jacob Denner (1681-1735) in the Nürnberg Germanisches Museum
- Baroque-style alto recorders with an adjustable block (patented by Rudolf Strathmann)
- Modern alto recorder, a remarkable instrument with a range of three and a half fully chromatic octaves from f' to c''', originally a collaboration between Joachim Paetzold, the renowned recorder maker in Tübingen, and the virtuoso recorder player Nicolaj Tarasov, further developed and refined in the Mollenhauer workshop. Also available with an extended E foot (3 keys).
- One-handed soprano recorders, keyed models for players who are physcially challenged.
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