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Maker PiezoBarrel® Wind Instrument Pickups
Country Australia
Address 1 Steve Francis
Address 2 PO Box 55 Beenleigh QLD 4207
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Produce piezo-electric pickups for a variety of instruments, including the recorder. PiezoBarrel pickups are designed to be simple to use and provide exceptional sound quality. The PiezoBarrel R1 is designed especially for the recorder. The recorder usually only produces a weak signal in the low register and any attempt to produce a stronger note results in the sound becoming unstable as it starts to overblow. For this reason, the R1 was designed to have a non-linear frequency response that increases the bass frequencies and thus strengthens the low register. Sound from a recorder fitted with the R1 can be passed directly to a guitar or other amplifier or via a guitar effects panel such as the Boss GT-1 for live or recorded performance.
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