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Maker Drechslerei Oeggl / Bernhard Oeggl
Country Germany
Address 1 Klaushäuslweg 46, 83483 Bischofswiesen
Address 2
Telephone +49 08652 - 8243
Fax +49 08652 - 979861
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Maker of Berchtesgaden Fleitl
Notes Bernhard Oeggl, whose great-grandfather Georg learnt his craft from Paul Walch, is the sole active maker of the Berchtesgadner Fleitl, a form of recorder with a clear, bright tone and a two octave chromatic compass, not unlike soprano reocrders from the baroque era. The term Berchtesgadner Fleitl appears to date from the nineteenth century, and the instrument continues to be made and played in the folk music tradition at the present time.

In Berchtesgaden it is possible to trace a continuous history of recorder making over four centuries … the craft now survives in the form of the Berchtesgadner Fleitl made by Bernhard Oeggl (MacMillan 2007: 194).

Bischofswiessen is near Berchtesgaden.
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