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Maker Suzuki Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company, Ltd
Country Japan & United States of America (USA)
Address 1 2-25-11 Ryoke, Hammamatsu 430, Japan
Address 2 PO Box 261030, San Diego, CA 92169-1030, USA
Telephone +1 800 854 1594 (USA)
e Mail
Instruments Plastic neo-baroque recorders, including a 1-piece recorder & Master Class recorders

Precorder PRE-1, a two-piece plastic recorder with raised tone holes for pre-school use.

Keyboard Recorder ANDES-25, a recorder operated by a Melodion-style keyboard.

Suzuki SRW-100 Recorder Wind Controller, an Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI) for use with MIDI sound modules.
Notes The Suzuki SRW-100 Recorder Wind Controller uses standard recorder fingerings, is equipped with pressure sensitive finger holes, and requires traditional breath control.
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