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Maker Huber Blockflötenbau
Country Switzerland
Address 1 Seestraße 285, CH-8810 Horgen
Address 2
Telephone +41 01 725 49 04
Fax +41 01 725 05 28
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Four models, I to IV, of which the latter are of baroque design at A=415 or 440 Hz. Also;
- Simba, an inexpensive school recorder of simple profile
- Sarah, another school recorder
- recorders of unusual 'Moorish' profile
- pentatonic & hexatonic recorders
Notes Begain in 1957 as the successor of Nägeli. As of July 1, 2001, Gerhard Huber and his wife Hélène have officially retired, although they will continue to be of counsel and work on special projects. The day-to-day operation of the Huber workshop has been taken over by their son Markus, who has worked there for over six years.
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