MakerMoeck Music Instrumente und Verlag
Address 1Postfach 3131, 29227 Celle
Address 2Lückenweg 4, 29227 Celle
Telephone+49 (05141) 8853-0
Fax+49 (05141) 8853-42
InstrumentsProducts include:
- Plastic Recorders (Flauto I)
- Plastic head with wood body recorders (Flauto I Plus)
- Standard (Flauto Leggero) Recorders (now discontinued)
- Rondo Recorders (the alto, tenor and bass have curved windways, but not the soprano)
- Rottenburgh Recorders (modern with baroque profile)
- Renaissance Recorders (modern design, wide bore)
- Denner Recorders (at 440 Hz)
- Steenbergen Recorders (at 440 and 415 Hz)
- Stanesby Recorders (at A=440 and 415 Hz)
- Hotteterre Tenor Recorder (after historic originals but at A440, two-and-a-half-octave range)
- Kynsekker Recorders, renaissance-style instruments for consort use (a A=440 Hz)
- Renaissance Consort recorders, based on instruments in the Hofburgmuseum, Vienna.
- Slide Recorder (designed by Adriana Breukink, based on so-called Ganassi recorders, but incorporating a sliding mouthpice operated by the player's lower lip which alters the dimensions of the windway for the production of dynamics)
- Ehlert alto recorder, a strong-toned instrument to play with piano or other modern instruments
- Pentatonic soprano recorder (Flauto Penta)