Maker Giacomo Andreola
Country Italy
Address 1 Via 4 Novembre 51, 23100 Sondrio
Address 2
Telephone +39 0342 214739
Fax +39 0342 214739
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Van Eyck (transitional) recorders; alto baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Stanesby and Steenbergen (at 415 / 440 Hz); voice flute after Bressan & Denner (at 415 Hz).
Notes The instruments are built with a lot of passion and great attention to detail. They are notable for their refined appearance (other than boxwood, ebony and amboina-briar wood is used for elegant contrast). The homogenity of their sound tends to a lovely dark colour, rich in harmonics, precise in pitch, and with easy response in every register.

Andreola also offers recorders with a specially constructed beak (copied from a brilliant idea of the famous recorder maker Claude Monin) which allows one to change the windway as needed, offering many advantages:

— reasonably low cost; it is as though you have a new instrument, since voicing influences so many aspects of the instrument
— the second windway can be used for practice, keeping the first for special occasions
— if for reasons of temperature or humidity the recorder risks blockage, which also risks the outcome of a piece being played during a concert, a quick change of the windway solves the problem
— in case of breakage, the substitution of the windway is less costly than that of the whole head joint.

For those not interested in the two windways, after the first 5/6 months of 'playing in', when the instrument is serviced (free of charge), the windway will be fixed permanently with a special glue which is waterproof and heatproof.

Each instrument is accompanied with a full guide to usage (warming up, oiling, etc.) and a two-year guarantee. Delivery time is from two to four months. The price list will be a delightful surprise, especially for students.