Maker Choroi Instrumentenbau
Country Switzerland
Address 1 St. Urbanstr. 23, CH 4901 Langenthal
Address 2
Telephone (+41) (0) 62 963 1143
Fax (+41) (0) 62 963 1147
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Products include:
- diatonic c flute with either simple or German fingering
- pentatonic flute d''-e''-g''-a'''-b'''-d''''-e''''.
- interval flute with only one finger hole & two notes each. 3 tunings: d''-g'', d''-a'', e''-b''.
Notes Choroi instruments are designed to make pentatonic music in groups. The distinctive features of the Choroi flutes are their mild, light and flexible tone and a correspondingly simple, sculpted form. They are made of wood, each in one piece. The mellow tone makes them especially suitable for group playing.

The Interval and Pentatonic Flutes were created to fill the need for high quality wind instruments in pedagogical work with younger children. With their simple scales they are ideal for improvisation, individually or in a group.

Other flutes at lower pitches are available. There are also Alto (F) and Tenor (C) Flutes, as well as an A Flute (slightly larger than the C Flute) and a solo D Flute.