Maker Küng Blockflötenbau [Kueng, Kung]
Country Switzerland
Address 1 Grabenstraße 3, CH-8200 Schaffausen
Address 2
Telephone +41 52 6300 999
Fax +41 52 6300 990
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Studio (soprano & alto), Classica (garklein to sub-bass, consort), Superio (soprano to knick system bass, neo-baroque), and Historica models, in all sizes (piccolo to contrabass), and many different woods. The Historica series are baroque recorders after Denner, Rippert, Haka, Heerda and are handmade by Andreas Küng in his own studio workshop.

The Folklora is a soprano recorder in Bb for use with other instruments in this key - in folk music, for instance.
Notes Founded by Franz Küng (1906-1983); continued by Andrea & Thomas Küng.

Küng offer recorders with le Souuffleur, a hole drilled through the block which can be opened or closed with the player's lower lip thus permitting a greater dynamic range. They can modify any make of recorder in this way.

After four decades working with recorders, Andreas Küng recently retired from recorder making to pursue his private and musical interests.