Maker Ragnar Arvidsson
Country Sweden
Address 1 Blockflöjtmakare Ragnar Arvidsson
Address 2 Tättingegatan 6, S 426 69 Västra Frölunda
Telephone +46 031 29 74 42
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Baroque recorders after Bressan, Haka & Stanesby, and after his own design.

RA recorders are novel instruments of Arvidsson's own design with a unique bore derived from his engineering experience of microwave waveguide systems in radar and telecommunication equipment. They have the sound of renaissance recorders (close to Ganassi) but are played with neo-baroque fingering. They have a full chromatic range of 2 octaves (plus some extra high notes).
Notes Hulthèn, A.L. (1997). Ragnar blends technology with music Contact 12. Also published in Swedish version of the magazine, Kontakt 12 (1997), as Ragnar blandar tekniken med musiken.