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Title A Little Consort Music.
Performers Little Consort Amsterdam [Walter van Hauwe]
Walter van Hauwe (recorder, flute)
Kees Boeke (recorder, viol)
Toyohiko Satoh (lute, theorbo)
Composers Henry Purcell
Silvius Leopold Weiss
Jacques-Martin Hotteterre
Guilelmus Monachus
Vincenzo Capirola
Anonymous, Leipzig
Diego Ortiz
Giovanni Battista Fontana
Content The prophetess, or the history of Dioclesian: Chaconne - 2 voice-flutes (Purcell)
Suite in D: Passacaille - lute solo (Weiss)
Quatrième suite - flute, viol, theorbo (Hotteterre)
Istampita Aquila altera - recorder, lute
Bassa danza a 2 - recorder, lute (Guilelmus)
Bassa danza La Spagna - lute, viol
Bassa Danza - recorder
Recercada tercera sobre el mismo
Felice occhi miei, madrigal - viol, lute (Ortiz)
Recercada quinta - viol, lute (Ortiz)
Sonata decima - recorder, viol, lute (Fontana)
Label Etcetera ETC 1005
Etcetera KTC 1005 (XTC)
Recorded (NL)
Released 1982, 1991, 2009
Length 22:55, 19:28 (42:23)
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Recorders Used, Reviews.
From owned LP.
Medium LP CD
Cover image
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