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Title Full Well She Sang. Women’s Music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Performers Toronto Consort
David Fallis (tenor, recorder, percussion)
Meredith Hall (soprano)
Paul Jenkins (tenor)
David Klausner (recorder, flute, bass)
Alison Mackay (vielle, viol, mezzosoprano, recorder)
Terry McKenna (lutes)
Alison Melville (recorder)
John Pepper (bass)
Laura Pudwell (mezzosoprano)
Composers Beatriz Comtesse de Dia
Content The Middle Ages:
The cloister:
Casta catholica
Ave generosa
Puer nobis nascitur

At court:
Je vous pri
La quarte estampie royal
A chantar

The Renaissance:
And I were a maiden
Defiled is my name
John, com kisse me now
The Queine of Ingland's paven
Jouissance vous donneray
St. Thomas Wake
A north country lass
Doen Daphne d'over schoone maeght

Italian virtuosity:
Ridon or per le piagge - Amor per qual cagion - Io d'odorate fronde
Mentre l'aura spiro
L'eraclito amoroso
La liberazion di ruggiero (exerpts)
Coro delle Piante incantate
Aria per pastore
Madrigale per fine di tutta la festa
Label SRI Classics 005
Leonarda LE 340
Recorded 1991 (CA)
Released 1991, 1993
Length 72:45
Reviews 1994 24th Juno Awards (Canada)
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, Recorders Used, Reviews, Cover Image.
Medium CD
Cover image
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