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Title Audite, silete. Bob, Frank en zussen.
Performers Bob van Pottelberghe (voice, guitar)
Frank Claessens (voice, guitar, vielle, cornamuse recorder)
Gina Claessens (voice, violin, shawm, recorder)
Annemie van Pottelberghe (voice, percussion)
Dirk Apers (tambourine, typewriter)
Philippe Lardinois (voice, guitar, recorder, percussion)
Composers Anonymous
Walther von der Vogelweide
Giorgio Mainerio
Juan Escobar
Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi
Guillaume Dufay
Tielman Susato, ed
Content Audite, silete (Praetorius)
Ik hoorde dees dagen
De Geusen zijn in Bomler Weerdt ghevallen
Kreuzfahrerlied (Vogelweide)
Schiarazulla Marazzula (Mainerio)
Las mis penas madres (Escobar)
Questa dolce sirena (Gastoldi)

Archibaldus van Oostzaen
Tourdion (Attaignant)
De gespeelckens
Bon jour, bon mois (Dufay)
Ronde 3 (Susato)
O waerde mont
A Toy
Label Philips 6468050
Recorded (BE)
Released 1980
Length 19:22, 19:13 (38:35)
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Date Recorded, Recorders Used, Reviews.
From owned LP.
Medium LP CD
Cover image
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