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Title The Song of Ages. Anthology of Jewish Song.
Performers Shifra and The Haifa Players
Sylvia Schultz (Shifra) (vocal)
Composers Khazn Zavel Zilberts
Sholom Postolski
Jacob Weinberg
Avrom Goldfaden
Content Shabos Baym Shalosh Sudes
Bahar Bagal (On Hill, In Vale)
Naye Bulbes
Der Shmeterling Un Di Blum (Zilberts)
El Yivne Hagalil (Heb)
Eliyahu (Heb)
Ematay (When, Heb, Eng, Russian)
Hava Nagila (Nathanson)
Hine Ma Tov
Kuma Ekha
Mit A Nodl
Patshe Kikhelekh
Rakhelina (Ladino)
Reyita (Heb)
Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen (Goldfaden)
Tum Balalayke
Tumba (Instr)
Vi Azoy Kon Ikh Lustig Zayn
Yisroel Du Vest Lebn
Label Classic Editions CE 1036
Recorded (US)
Released 1959 c
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Date Recorded, Length, Recorders Used, Reviews.
Medium LP
Cover image
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