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Title Altenglische Volkslieder und Balladen.
Performers Alfred Deller (countertenor)
Desmond Dupré (guitar)
John Sothcott (recorder)
Composers Anonymous
Content Western wind
Early one morning (+ recorder)
Black is the colour
All the pretty little horses (+ recorder)
Lowlands (+ recorder)
The Sally Gardens Anonynous + Yeats)
Bendemeer's stream (Moore)
Annie Laurie (Douglas)
The miller of the Dee
Cockles & mussels (+ recorder)
Drink to me only (+ recorder) (Johnson)
The foggy foggy dew
Frog went a-courtin' (+ recorder)
The turtle dove (+ recorder)
Pretty Polly Oliver
The carrion crow
The wife of Usher's well
Henry Martin
I am a poor wayfaring stranger (settlers)
Label Vanguard VRS 1031, LP mono
Fontana TFL 6008 LP mono 1958
VSD 2014 SRV 73005, LP stereo 1958
Amadeo AVR 6162, LP mono 1958
Amadeo AVRS 12048 (Vanguard)
Recorded 1958, Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London (UK)
Released 1958, 1970
Length 20:43, 20:24 (41:07)
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Recorders Used, Reviews.
Medium LP
Cover image
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