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Title Alfred Deller Recital.
O ravishing delight.
Alfred Deller Solo.
Performers Alfred Deller (countertenor)
David Munrow (recorder)
Richard Lee (recorder)
Desmond Dupré (lute, viol)
Robert Elliott (harpsichord)
Composers Anonymous 17th-century English
John Dowland
Thomas Campion
John Bartlet
Philip Rosseter
Francis Pilkington
John Blow
Jeremiah Clarke
John Eccles
William Croft
Daniel Purcell
Content Miserere my maker
Shall I sue (Dowland)
I care not for these ladies (Campion)
Come heavy sleep (Dowland)
Of all the birds (Bartlet)
I saw my lady weep (Dowland)
Wilt thou unkind (Dowland)
The Cypress curtain (Campion)
What then is love (Rosseter)
Rest sweet Nymphs (Pilkington)
The fair lover & his black mistress (Bartlet)
The Self-Banished (Blow)
The glory of the Arcadian groves (Clarke)
O the mighty pow'r of love (J. Eccles)
In her brave offspring (Clarke)
My time, o ye Muses, was happily spent (Croft)
O Ravishing Delight (D. Purcell)
Label RCA VICS 1492
Harmonia Mundi 3078
Harmonia Mundi France HM 215
Harmonia Mundi HMC 90215
Harmonia Mundi Deller Recordings 215
Harmonia Mundi HMC 90215
Recorded 1970, All Saints Church, Boughton Aluph, Kent (UK)
Released 1970, 1975, ?
Length 26:10, 24:26 (50:36) (66:10 CD)
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Recorders Used, Reviews.
From owned LP.
Medium LP MC CD
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