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Title Ah sweet lady. The romance of medieval France. Chansons, ballades & virelais of Guillaume de Machaut & anonymous compositions of the 13th C.
Performers New York Pro Musica [John White]
Sheila Schonbrun (soprano)
Elizabeth Humes (soprano)
Earnest Murphy (countertenor)
Ray DeVoll (tenor)
Arthur Burrows (baritone)
Anthony Tamburello (bass)
LaNoue Davenport (recorder, crumhorn, sackbut, viol)
Shelly Gruskin (flute, recorder, crumhorn, rauschpfeife, bagpipes)
Edward Smith (portative organ)
John White (harpsichord)
Composers Guillaume de Machaut
Content 4 motets on 'In seculum'
• Bien doit avoir joie
• In seculum, In seculum viellatoris
• Hoquetus In Seculum, Je n'aimerai autre (+ recorder)
• In seculum (Anonymous)
Quant je parti de m'amie - Tuo, motet (+ recorder)
Flor de lis, rose espanie - Je ne puis - Douce dame, motet
S'on me regarde - Prennés i garde - He! mi enfants, motet (+ 2 recorders)
Crucifigat omnes, conductus
De petit po, ballade (Machaut)
Nes qu on porroit, ballade (Machaut)
Sanz cuer m'en vois - Amis, dolens - Dame, par vous, ballade (Machaut)
Quant je sui mis, chanson (Machaut)
Je sui aussi, ballade (+ recorder) (Machaut)
De Fortune me doy pleindre, ballade (+ recorder) (Machaut)
De triste duer - Quant vrais amans - Certes, je di, ballade (Machaut)
Pas de tor en thies pais, ballade (+ recorder) (Machaut)
Se je souspir, virelai (Machaut)
Douce dame jolie, virelai (Machaut)
Label Decca DL 79431 (Gold Label)
Recorded (US)
Released 1967
Reviews Dale Higbee, American Recorder 6(1): 25-26 (1969).
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Date Recorded, Length, Recorders Used.
Medium LP
Cover image
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