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Aztec Dances: New Works for Recorder and Piano Jill Kemp (recorder)
Aleksander Szram (piano)
Edward Gregson (b. 1945)
Gregory Rose (b. 1948)
George King (b. 1979)
David Bedford (1937-2011)
Daryl Runswick (b. 1946)
Aztec Dances (Gregson)
Garden of the Gods (Rose)
Bebop from Dance Suite (King)
Kemptown Races (Bedford)
Cycles (Runswick)
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Divisions and Sonatas - English and French music for recorder and lute Ensemble La Selva
Carolina Pace (recorder)
Michele Carreca (lute, theorbo)
Charles Dieupart
Cuthbert Hely
André Danican Philidor
Jaques Hotteterre
Antoine Francique
Jean Daniel Braun, Henry Purcell, John Coperario
Suite II from Six Suittes de Clavessin (Dieupart)
Divisions on a ground, An Italian ground , Tollets ground from The Division Flute (Anon.)
Fantasia from Lord Herbert of Cherbury’s lute book (Hely)
Sonata pour la flute à bec from Premier livre de pièces (Philidor)
Prélude from Le trésor d’Orphée (Francique)
Suite from Pièces sans basse (Braun)
Prélude from L’art de préludier (Hotteterre)
Sonata in G Minor, Z. 770 from Sonatas and solos for the violin and the flute (Purcell)
Coperario, or the Gray’s Inn, the First (Coperario)
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Receuil de Pieces pour les Autres Instruments Eva Legêne (recorder)
Astrid Andersson (recorder)
Anne Legêne (viol)
Ricarda Hornych (theorbo)
Corey Jamason (harpsichord)
Michel Blavet
Jacques-Martin Hotteterre “le Romain”
François Couperin
Clair-Nicolas Roget
Marin Marais
Prélude (Blavet)
Pourquoi doux Rossignols (Blavet)
Gavotte de Corelli (Blavet)
Rondeau dans Zaïde (Blavet)
La Chasse de Zaïde (Blavet)
Première Suitte de Pièces à deux Dessus (Hotteterre)
Muséte de Taverni (Couperin)
Prélude (Couperin)
Les Bergeries rondeau (Couperin)
La Julliet (Couperin)
Andante (Roget)
Allegro (Roget)
Gratioso (Roget)
Allegro (Roget)
Prélude (Marais)
Fantaisie (Marais)
Sarabande (Marais)
Gavotte (Marais)
Plainte (Marais)
Gigue (Marais)
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William Babell (c. 1690-1723) Concertos Op. 3 for violins and small flute Ensemble Odyssee
Andrea Friggi (harpsichord)
Agnieszka Oszanca (cello)
Anna Stegmann, Maria Ayerza (recorders)
Giulio Quirici (theorbo)
Tomoe Badiarova, Holly Harman, Nadine Henrichs, Eva Saladin (violins)
David Molina (viola)
George Fritz, Yongcheon Shin (Oboes)
Wiliam Babell Concertos 1-6 CD View
J.S. Bach - Flute Sonatas Kristine West (recorder)
Stina Petersson (cello)
Marcus Mohlin (harpsichord)
Johann Sebastian Bach Sonatas for flute & basso continuo BWV 1034 & 1035
Sonatas for flute & harpsichord (obligato) BWV 1030, 1031 & 1032
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Recorder Kristin West (recorder) Anders Frisell
Francesco Barsanti
Antonio Vivaldi
Johann Sebastian Bach
Heino Hallek
Pers Erik Olsson
Jacob van Eyck
Somei Satoh
Marcus Zahnhausen
Shepherd’s tune from Mockfjärd after Anders Frisell
Concerto in C minor (Vivaldi)
) A collection of Old Scots Tunes (Barsanti (1775): Lord Aboynes Welcome or Cumbernauld House, Logan Water, The Birks of Envermay
Partita in A minor for solo flute, BWV 1013 (Bach)
Pekkos Pers Brudmarsch (arr. Hallek)
Låt till Far (Olsson, arr. Heino Hallek) Psalm 9, from Der Fluyten Lust-hof (van Eyck)
Sonata in C major (? Bach)
Music of the Winds (Satoh)
Toccata - Schlaflied für einen Kolibri (Zahnhausen)
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5 [ five ] The Flanders Recorder Quartet

Sakia Coolen (recorder)
Pieter Campo
Johann Sebastian Bach
Sören Sieg
Louis Prima
Fred Ahlert
Johann Hermann Schein
John Ward
Jean-Baptiste Lully
Jean-Baptiste Lully II
Joseph Bodin de Boismotier
Meditativo (Campo)
Prelude BWV 867 , 22 & Fugue BWV 849, 4 (Bach)
Inhaxheba (Sieg)
Sing, Sing, Sing! (Prima)
I don't know why I love you like I do (Ahlert)
Banchetto Musicale, Suite XV (Shein)
Fantasia VI (Ward)
Chaconne des Africains & Air pour la suite de Melpomene (Lully)
Air en Fanfare (J-B. Lully II)
Concerto 6 in E minor (Boismortier)Canzon Corollarium (Schein)
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Travelling Light" – New music by Jim Parker The Solem String Quartet
John Turner (recorder)
Anna Christensen (harp)
Alex Jones (double bass)
Richard Simpson (oboe)
Janet Simpson (piano)
Jim Parker A South American Journey - recorder, string quartet, double bass, harp
Bonjour M. Gappelli - string quartet
Diversions - recorder, string quartet, double bass, harp
Hooters, The Flying Scotsman, Banjolele, & the Lonely Ballerina - oboe & piano.
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"Wind Blown" – Sonatas for wind instruments by Peter Hope Richard Simpson (oboe)
Janet Simposon (piano)
Thomas Verity (clarinet)
Simon Passmore (piano)
John Turner (recorder)
Haravey Davies (piano)
Frank Forst (bassoon)
Yukiko Sano (piano)
Pam Zinnemanne-Hope (squeaker)
Peter Hope Sonata - oboe & pano
Sonata - clarinet & piano
Sonata - recorder & piano)
Sonata - bassoon & piano)
Tallis Remembered - recorder, clarinet & piano)
A walk with my dog, Molly (recorder)
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No Excuses Tom Ridout (saxophone, recorder)
Rob Luft, Billy Marrows & Cecilia Bignall (guitars)
Will Barry (piano)
Flo Moore (electric bass)
Phelan Burgoyne (percussion)
Alexandra Ridout (flugelhorn, trumpet)
Anna Drysdale (French horn)
Elliot Pooley (trombone)
Anastasia Stahlmann & Didier Osindero (violins)
Anita Kurowska (viola)
Cecilia Bignall (cello)
Tom Ridout Blackbird
No Excuses
What It Would
is & It
Scarborough Fair
Known No More
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Woods so Wild Fontanella Recorder Quintet
Rebecca Austen-Brown, Katriina Boosey, Louise Bradbury, Sarah Humphrys, Annabel Knight (recorders)
William Byrd
John Baldwyn
Jehan Vallant
Jacques Arcadelt
Claudio Monteverdi(br> Anthony Holborne
Guillaume Machaut
Clément Janaquin
The Leaves be Green (Byrd)
Brownyng (Baldwyn)
Par Maintes Foys (Vallant)
Il /bianco e dolce Cigno (Arcadelt
Quel Augelin de canta(Monteverdi)
The Fairie Round (Holbourne)
The Honiesuckle (Holbourne)
Strawberry Leaves
My Robin
Rose Liz Printemp (Machaut) l'Alouette (Janequin)
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Garden Party Michaela Petri (recorder)
Lars Hannibal (guitar)
Edvard Grieg
Carl Nielson
Edouard Lalo(br> Lars Hannibal
Anonymous Chinese
Asgur Lund Christiansen /zhang /wlliang
Humoresque Bagatelles Op. 11 - recorder & guitar(Nelson)
Dreams - tenor recorder (Hannibal) Fantasie Norvégienne (Lalo)
Garden Party (Christiansen)
Five Lyric Pieces (Christiansen)
Ge Xie Mei Ling (Anon./Zhang Weiliang)
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Palisander – Beware the Spider! Palisander
Hannah St Clair Buggs, Lydia Gosnell, Miriam Nerval, Caoimhe de Paor (recorders)
Toby Carr (guitar, theorbo)
Ruairi Glasheen (percussion)
Tiburtio Massaino
Antonio Vivaldi
Anthony Holborne
William Byrd
Ego pro te rogavi/Petre (Massaino)
La Notte (Vivalidi)
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Directed by Handel Olwen Foulkes (recorder)
Nathaniel Mander (harpsichord)
Carina Drury (cello)
Tabea Debus (basset recorder)
Toby Carr (theorbo)
George Frederic Handel
Pietro Castrucci
Arcangelo Corelli
John Christopher Smith Jr
Giuseppe Sammartini
Christopher Kytch
Francesco Saverio Geminiani
John Blow
Sonata in F major HWV 369 - alto recorder & bc (Handel)
Suite - voice flute & bc.(Castrucci)
Sonata in C major Op. 10:5 - recorder & bc (Corelli)
Air and Variations - recoder & bc (Smith)
Sonata - recorder & bc (Sammartini)
Arias from Tesoro (Handel) arr. Foulkes & Mander
Solo - recorder (Handel) transcr. Fouilkes
Sonata in F major, H.107 - cello (Geminiani)
Mortlake Ground - harspichord (John Blow)
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Recorder Concertos, The Four Seasons Feinstein Ensemble
Martin Feinstein (recorder)

Catherine Manson (violin)
Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
London Haydn Quartet
Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in C major - sopranino recorder
Recorder Concerto in A minor - alto recorder
Recoder Concerto in C minor - alto recorder
The Four Seasons - violin & strings
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