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First Date ±1300
Last Date
Title Kyng Alisaunder, Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates 19.2.1
Quote 7760 Kandidus wroþ went oway
& no com oȝain nouȝt mani a day.
Þo þe cloþ was ydrawe
Þe waite gan a flegel blawe,
Alisaunder & Candace
To chaumber token her pas,
So we finden on þe boke,
Þat niȝt þe king his leue toke
He went to Ynde to his barouns
Bi wodes, bi dales & bi tounes;
Leue he had wiþ morni[n]ge
& went forþ in þe daweinge
Bi an heȝe way þat he kneu
Til þat he com to Tholomeu.
Notes A 'flegel' refers to a small flute or whistle-pipe; a flageolet (Carter 1961/1980: 155).

Kyng Alisaunder is a Middle English romance or romantic epic in 4017 octosyllabic couplets which tells the story of Alexander the Great. dates from the end of the 13th century or the early 14th century, and is based on the Anglo-Norman Roman de Toute Chevalerie. The name of the author is not known, but he probably lived in or around London, and he is thought by some to have also written the romances Richard Coer de Lyon, Arthour and Merlin and The Seven Sages of Rome.
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Carter (1961/1980)
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