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First Date c. 1488
Last Date
Title Sir Orfeo: Harley 3810
Author Anonymous
Quote 286 With esy pace and wele avysed,
287 Taberis and pypes yeden hem by
288 And alle maner of mynstrelsy;
289 And ladyes ther com rydyng,
290 Joly they wer in alle thing;
291 Jentle and jolef, forsothe, y wys.
Notes Sir Orfeo is preserved in three manuscripts: the oldest, Advocates 19.2.1, known as the Auchinleck MS (National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh), is dated at about 1330; Harley 3810 (British Library, London), is from about the beginning of the fifteenth century; Ashmole 61 (Bodleian Library, Oxford), compiled over the course of several years, the portion of the MS. containing Sir Orfeo dating around 1488. The beginning of the poem describes itself as a Breton lai, and says it is derived from a lost text, the Lai d'Orphey.

Whilst Harley 3810 refers to 'pypes', the other two manuscipts refer to 'trumpes' (trumpets).

Here 'pypes' probably refers to the tabor-pipe (see Carter 1961/1980: 350).
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Carter, H.H. (1961/1980).
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