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First Date 1300
Last Date 1400
Title King Richard Coeur de Lion: 6676-6687 & 6705-6716
Author Anonymous
Quote It was before the heygh myd nyght,
The moon and the sterres schon ful bryght,
Kyng Richard unto Jaffe was come,
With hys galeyes alle and some.
They lokyd towarde the castel,
They herd no pype ne flagel.
They drowgh hem nygh to the lande
Yiff they might undyrstande;
And they ne cowde nought aspye,
Be no voys of menstralsye,
That quyk man in the castel ware.

Thus waylys Kyng Richard ay
Tyl it were spryng al off the day:
A wayte ther come in a kernel,
And pyped a moot in a flagel.
He ne pyped but on sythe,
He made many an herte blythe.
He lokyd doun, and seygh the galeys,
Kyng Richard is icomen to us!
Thenne a meryere not e blew,
And pypyed: 'Seynyours! or suis! or sus! [Lords! Wake up! Wake up!]
Kyng Richard is icomen to us!'
Notes A metrical romance about King Richard I of England based on a lost Anglo-Norman romance dating from c. 1230-1250. The name of the Middle English author is unknown, but he is thought to have been from south-east England, and he may also have written the romances Of Arthour and of Merlin and King Alisaunder.

'Pypes' probably refers to shawms or bagpipes.

The 'pype' probably refers to the tabor-pipe, the 'flegel' to a small flute or whistle-pipe or flageolet (Carter 1961/1980: 155, 350).
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