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First Date 1300
Last Date 1400
Title Sir Gawayne and the Grene Knight: verse vi, lines 118-122
Author Anonymous
Quote Þen þe first cors come with crakkyng of trumpes,
Wyth mony baner ful bryȝt þat þerbi henged;
Nwe nakryn noyse with þe noble pipes,
Wylde werbles and wyȝt wakned lote,
Þat mony hert ful hiȝe hef at her towches.

[Then the first course came in with a blaring of trumpets,
Which were hung with many bright banners.
A new noise of nakers with the noble pipes,
Wild and stirring melodies wakened the echoes;
That many a heart leapt full high at their tones.]
Notes An alliterative romance, from British Library MS Coton Nero A.x which appears to have been written by the same author as the romances known as Pearl, Patience and Purity or Cleanliness).

Here 'noble pipes' probably refers to shawms or bagpipes.
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Tolkien et al. (1967)
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