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First Date 1295
Last Date 1338
Title Manipulus Florum: Ecclesia
Author Thomas de Hibernia (fl. 1295-1338)
Quote Said (in error) by Grattan Flood (1905) to mention the recorder by name.
Notes A collection of authoritative Latin quotations on a variety of moral and theological topics, first printed in 1483 and existing in a large number of early imprints (at least 26 editions between 1550 and 1600 alone). However, Chris L. Nighman (pers. comm., 2008) reports that the Manipulus Florum is really not a source for an early reference to the recorder after all. He notes that only the word 'tybie' (tibie/tibiae) which is from a biblical text (Ecclesiasticus 40:21) is cited by the compiler of the Manipulus. A check of the modern edition of the Vulgate Bible (Vatican, 1979) shows that the term 'tibiae' is indeed used in this line. In the Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha (1962) it is translated as 'flute'.

Tybie et psalterium suauem faciunt melodiam et super utraque lingua suauis ecclesiastici XL. glossa. Hec naturaliter mulcent et exhilarant animam, sed lingua suauiter docens plus confortat intellectum.

[The flute and the psaltery make sweet music, but a pleasant voice is above them both (Eclesiastes 40). Gloss. They naturally soothe and exhilarate the soul, but a clever tongue teaches us more than does the intellect.]
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