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First Date 1398
Last Date
Title De proprietatibus rerum [On the Properties of Things]: 19.133.943
Author Bartholomaeus Anglicus [Bartomew de Glanville] (a.1203–m.1272)
Quote Tibia is a pype, and hath that name for it was fyrste made of legges of hartes, yonge and olde, as men trowe; and the noyse of pypes was called Other, as Hugucion sayth. This name Tibia comyth of Tibium, that is a rushe, other a rede, and therof comyth this name Tibicen a pypere, and was somtyme an instrument of doole and lamentacyon, whyche men dyde use in office and sepultures of deed men, as the Gloce sayth super Matheum IX. and thereby the songe was songe of doole and of lamentacyon.
Notes Translated from the Latin by John de Trevisa in 1398. Trevisa (c.1342-c.1412) was a Cornish writer and translator of Latin works into English for the benefit of his master, Lord Berkeley.
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