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First Date 1100
Last Date 1200
Title MS, Glasgow University
Author Anonymous
Quote … fistula anglica …
Notes Mentions 'fistula anglica', which has been taken to be a recorder by Braggard & Hen (1967: 57), but this assertion is apparently a garbled combined reference to an illustration in the so-called Hunterian Psalter showing King David tuning his harp and surrounded by musicians, including players of the triple pipe (panpipes?) and bagpipe; and the Latin name for the recorder used by Marin Mersenne in his L'Harmonie Universelle (1635). Mersenne describes the English Flute as 'Fistula dulcis seu Anglica'.

However, I note that an anonymous 15th-century Nominale (Royal Library, British Museum, MS. Reg 17, C XXVII, fol. 43, v°) includes the entry: "Hec fistula, Anglice pype" (see Wright 1857: 216, footnote).
References Braggard & Hen (1967)
Lasocki (2012: 5-6)
Welch (1911/1961: 110).
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