First Date1530
Last Date
TitleLesclarcissement de la langue Francoyse: 681/2.
AuthorJohn Palsgrave (c. 1485 – 1554)
QuoteI recorde as yonnge byrdes do: Je patelle.

This byrde recordeth all redy, she wyll synge within a whyle:
C'est oyeslet patelle desja, elle chantera avant quil soyt longemps.

Recorder a pype fleute a. ix neufte trous.
NotesThis book — written in English despite its French title — is said to be the first grammar of the French language. Its purpose was to help Englishmen who wanted to learn French.

The term fleute a neufte trous indirectly furnishes the earliest corroboration of the meaning of 'recorder' in English.

Palsgrave was a priest of Henry VIII of England's court. He is known as a tutor in the royal household, and as a textbook author.
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