First Date1431
Last Date1438
TitleThe Fall of Princes: 2479-2485.
AuthorJohn Lydgate (?1370-1449).
Quote2479 Pan, god off Kynde, with his pipes seuene,
2480 Off recorderis fond first the melodies.
2481 And Mercurie, that sit so hih in heuene,
2482 First in his harpe fond sugred armonyes.
2483 Holsum wynes thoruhfyned from ther lyes
2484 Bachus fond first, of vynes heuy lade,
2485 Licour off licours corages for to glade.
NotesThe Fall of Princes is a translation in 36,000 lines of a French version of Boccaccio's De Casibus Virorum

John Lydgate of Bury was a monk and poet, born in Lidgate, Suffolk, England. The sheer bulk of Lydgate's poetic output is prodigious, amounting, at a conservative count, to about 145,000 lines.
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