First Datec. 1374
Last Dateunknown
TitleTroilus iii. 2: 51
AuthorGeoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400)
Quote50 Lay al this mene whyle Troilus,
Recordinge his lessoun in this manere,
`Ma fey!' thought he, `Thus wole I seye and thus;
Thus wole I pleyne unto my lady dere;
That word is good, and this shal be my chere;
55 This nil I not foryeten in no wyse.'
God leve him werken as he can devyse!

50 All this time meanwhile lay Troilus
rehearsing his lesson in this manner:
‘My faith!’ thought he, ‘this I will say, and thus:
thus will I entreat my lady dear:
that word is good, and this shall be my cheer:
55 this I must not forget, any wise.’
God grant it all works out as he shall devise.