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Abbreviation A Dolmetsch
Surname Dolmetsch
Given Name Arnold
Dates 1858-1940
Provenance Haslemere, Great Britain (England, United Kingdom, GB, UK)
Notes Arnold Dolmetsch (b Le Mans, 1858; d Haslemere, 1940) was very influential on late 19th and 20th century attitudes to scholarship and performing practice, especially through the reconstruction of obsolete instruments, amongst them the viol, the lute, the harpsichord and the recorder.

Arnold completed his first recorder in 1919. He passed responsibility for the research and production of recorders to his son, Carl Dolmetsch, in 1926.

A number of craftsman were employed to make recorders at Dolmetsch over the years, including Robert Goble (1924-1937) and Oskar Dawson (1930-1941). Arnold Dolmestch's work is continued by members of his family to this day.

For biographical details see here.

The Edmonton firm Insulators Ltd made the tools to produce the plastic recorders designed by Carl Dolmetsch in 1946. They were were later mass produced by Boosey & Hawkes.

Recorders made by Arnold Dolmetsch
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