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Schrattenbach Rauch von Schrattenbach [Schratt] Hans fl. 1535 Schrattenbach (Allgäu), Austria Maker of conventional and columnar recorders. A member of a family of wind instrument makers who are documented in the Bavarian hamlet of Schrattenbach from 1460 to 1595. One known maker named Hans married in 1490 and died in 1526, so our Hans was presumably his son.

Two recorders, one in Munich and another in Salzburg, bear the inscriptions HANS RAUCH VON SCHRATT. The latter is also engraved IHESUS MARIA ANNA 1535. Both instruments are stamped with a double trefoil with a right-pointing tail (Brown & Lasocki, 2006: 26).

The trefoil maker's mark depicted by Ganassi (Opera intitulata Fontegara (1535) is generally taken to represent Hans Rauch von Schrattenbach.

Recorders by Hans Rauch von Schrattenbach
Schrattenbach Family Rauch von Schrattenbach [Schratt, Scratenbach] Hans and Caspar mid-16C Schrattenbach (Allgäu), Austria A number of instruments stamped with one or more trefoils have been attributed to members of the Schrattenbach family. These include recorders, transverse flutes and dulcians.

David Lasocki (pers. comm, 2003 & 2005) notes that Waterhouse (1993: 320) sets out the evidence about Caspar Rauch succinctly and fairly. We have only Burney’s statement that Rauch’s instruments were made at Hamburg (And of course we have no idea on what evidence he based that statement – apparently nothing on the recorders themselves.) Citing Postel (1974), Waterhouse notes that a man named Caspar Rauch owned some woodland in Schrattenbach in 1536/7.

Charles Burney, visiting Antwerp in 1772, noted the presence in the Oostershuis warehouse of between thirty and forty recorders bearing the name Casper Rauchs Scrattenbach … engraved on a brass ring, or plate, which encircled most of these instruments. The two surviving instruments from this collection, however, are just signed with the double right-pointing trefoil, presumably because the identifying brass rings have fallen off and disappeared. We have no further documentation of Caspar Rauch as an instrument-maker, although a man of that name is mentioned in the local Kempten archives in 1540 (Brown & Lasocki, 2006: 26-27).

Recorders by members of the Schrattenbach family
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