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Given Name
Danner Danner (Thanner) Hans op. 1572–1581 Egg The use of a single letter for a maker's mark might have pointed to Nuremberg. But elsewhere there were two known woodwind makers with the initials HD, at least in one spelling. Hans Danner (also Thanner) who came from Egg, a village 20 miles east of Basel, served the Stuttgart court as lutenist and official woodwind maker from 1572 to his death in 1581. His widow sold the court some instruments that he had presumably made: 10 Kolonen und 8 dazu gehörige Zwerchpfeifen zu (Ten columnar recorders [?] and eight flutes belonging to them). The other was Hans Drebs. (Brown & Lasocki, 2006: 30).

Recorders by Hans Danner (Thanner)
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