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Collection Abbreviation
Maker Abbreviation
Lowest Note
USA-DC-Washington: DCM DCM 1359 (S.19) Palanca & Castel f' alto 410 View
F-Nice: Musée du Palais Lascaris 168 Castel f' alto 404 View
A-Vienna   Castel c'' soprano 435 View
I-Rome: Museo dSM 879 | 1421 Castel   alto   View
I-Rome: Museo dSM 884 | 698 Castel   voice flute (tenor in d')   View
I-Rome: Museo dSM 887 |644 Castel   alto   View
I-Rome: Academia 170 Castel d' voice flute (tenor in d') 415 View
A-Vienna I.N.111 Castel d' voice flute (tenor in d')   View
GB-Edinburgh: Univ. 3323 Castel f'' sopranino   View
Ecuador-Quito: Museo Pedro Pablo Traversari 3261 Castel   alto   View
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