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Maker Flötenbau Gruber / Gyula Foky-Gruber
Country Germany
Address 1 Schlichterstraße 5, D-65185 Wiesbaden
Address 2
Telephone +49 0611 370172
Fax +49 0661/3083831
e Mail
Instruments Silberton (metal, keyed recorders)
Notes Hungarian composer, recorder maker, and recorder player Gyula Gruber developed the Silberton, an all-metal soprano recorder made entirely of nickel-plated brass, and an alto made of rosewood with a metal head-joint and two keys for the lowermost finger hole. Both feature a system of adjustable voicing achieved by altering the position of the block and the height of the windway. Both were of cylindrical bore. Later the German firm Hopf, for whom Gruber worked from 1965–1970, produced Silberton instruments which they now offer as Gruber System recorders by Kobliczek in sopranino, soprano, and alto models. Today, Gruber himself is no longer making recorders.
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