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Maker Dolmetsch Musical Instruments
Country United Kingdom (UK)
Address 1 Unit 1b, Unicorn Trading Estate, Weydown Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1DN
Address 2
Telephone +44 01428 643235
Fax +44 01428 654920 & 651473
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Plastic school recorders, wooden school recorders, Nova recorders (plastic SATB), Academy recorders, Conservatoire recorders; Gold Series, for players who can use only one hand; baroque recorders after Bressan & Stanesby.
Notes Make and fit lip keys (permit pianissimo playing and echo effects by opening a small hole in the rear of the headjoint) and bell keys (covers the bottom hole of the instrument and extends upper range to almost three octaves) - illustration.

Dolmetsch service and repair all makes of recorder.

Although J. & M. Dolmetsch Musical Instruments parted company from the parent firm for a brief period they are now reunited.
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