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Maker Arnfred Rudolf Strathmann
Country Germany
Address 1 Schlichtigstraße 10, D-24109 Melsdorf, Kiel
Address 2
Telephone +49 04340 1317
e Mail [email protected]
Instruments Strathmann flutes, modern keyed recorders.
Notes A patent for a fully keyed recorder was taken out in 1988 by the saxophonist Rudolf Strathmann who adapted the elaborate keywork and fingerings of the saxophone the the recorder (see front view). With his co-worker Klein in Kiel, a series of 'Strathmann flutes' has been developed with many modern features. The body is made of wood or durable plastic, the block height is adjustable with a simple thumbscrew, and the thumbhole is replaced by a key which opens two small holes high up in the head piece which raises any fingering of the lower register to the octave above (see side view). The volume of sound for all notes is stronger than on conventional recorders, and the timbre is said to be between that of a recorder and flute. Strathmann flutes have been made in both soprano and alto models.

An inerview (in German) with Rudi Strathmann can be found here. A video of Rudi playing his Strathmann flute can be seen and heard there.

The firm Mollenhauer have recently incorporated the patented Strathmann adjustable block in a newly designed alto recorder
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