MakerHerbert Paetzold
Address 1Schwabenstra├če 14, D - 87640 Ebenhofen
Address 2
Telephone+49 (0)83 42 89 91 11
Fax+49 (0)83 42 89 91 22
e Mail[email protected]
InstrumentsTransitional recorders; baroque recorders after Denner, Steenbergen, Stanesby, Gahn, Echentop & Englehard; school recorders; modern (square profile) recorders; csakans.
NotesThe range of Paetzold square bass recorders is the same as standard bass recorders approximately two octaves (A-440). Four sizes are now available: a tenor in c', bass (new) in f, a greatbass in c (an octave below a tenor), a contrabass if F (one octave below a regular bass), and a monster subcontrabass (new) in C (two octaves below a tenor). One major attraction of these instruments, in addition to their lovely tone and unusual appearance, is that their sound, even on the lowest bottom notes, is very strong, in contrast to many other maker's low instruments. The instruments speak easily over the full two-octave range. Articulation is quick and light. They all have double keys for the bottom two notes. A hard case and a stand is available for each instrument.

The impetus for the design of these instruments came from a desire to lower the cost and simplify the construction of large recorders, making them available to a wider range of players. Since they are made of high quality beech-veneered plywood, neither expensive solid blocks of wood nor labor-intensive lathe work is required. The resulting recorders, although not cheap, are considerably less expensive than other makes of comparably sized recorders. For instance, Moeck's cost approximately twice as much.

Kunath have recently announced the production of an extended range of square profile recorders. Two new lines embody the original concept as well as embracing new technology. A special plastic (resona) has been developed specifically for these new instruments. Resona is not only tough but light and less costly, too.